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Breast implant removal surgery is a highly individualized procedure

This procedure should be performed if you have capsular contracture (hardening of the breast), pain with implants, imaging has shown a leak of the capsule and/or if you no longer desire implants or wish to exchange them. If you’re considering surgery, spend some time reviewing before and after photos and learning about what to expect during recovery. Preparation ahead of time helps patients have reasonable expectations and a smoother recovery.

Healing can take up to one year before the final results are visible

The final results of breast implant removal surgery will depend largely on the size of the implants being removed and the quantity and quality of your breast tissue that is left. The scar tissue that was surrounding your implants also will play a large role in your overall outcome. Swelling and postoperative changes will need time prior to the final results.

Breast implants are not lifelong devices

Over time, breast implants can change shape or size, and the overlying breast tissue can also change, creating an appearance or feel to the breast that is less desirable than the original result. It’s important to have your implants exchanged or removed approximately every 10-15 years. This decision is typically based on the individual and the patient’s needs and desires. In some cases, the outside shell of the implant breaks down causing silicone to leak and the scar tissue around the implant to harden. It is important to understand that your implants should be removed for this reason.

Patients may require additional surgeries

With this particular surgery, the results are not always cosmetic because the breast tissue is thin as a result of having implants for an extended period of time. The results can also be affected if the implants have been leaking. In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single surgical procedure and another surgery may be required. It may also be necessary to have a mastectomy if silicone has gone throughout the breast and the free-floating silicone is no longer within the scar tissue.

Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon

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