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AI is raising stakes for plastic surgery

By DANIEL PAYNE, RUTH READER and ERIN SCHUMAKER  01/30/2024 02:00 PM EST OPERATING ROOM Artificial intelligence could turbocharge the social media glamour shot and create new demands — and customers — for plastic surgeons....

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Dangerous Brazilian Butt Lifts Get a Makeover in Florida

https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/features/107972?mkt_tok=MTAxLUJTTy05OTMAAAGQj26aGDMFQoWc-OY4en0JFrzFcmNKhRtJ2w4IedcDBiWs_xVBY2eWr9qG1ZH0osQo9bWaJPl9Thum1-Vf2Z1NbEZk2prqtFDYSI_Km4TjzqY3 In a first for plastic surgery, Pazmiño said, the bill mandates certain precautions when performing gluteal fat grafting. It went into effect on July 1. New clinics must have a health department inspection...

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Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024

These Will Be the Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024“Menopause makeovers” and all the lifts — face, breast, and neck — are set to dominate plastic surgery in 2024, as patients and doctors chase...

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The Women Who Became Human Barbies

And a Plastic Surgeon Who Wants to Make More of Them Two women who have transformed themselves to look like the Mattel doll feel empowered but talk about coping with hostility, as the head...

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