Dangerous Brazilian Butt Lifts Get a Makeover in Florida


In a first for plastic surgery, Pazmiño said, the bill mandates certain precautions when performing gluteal fat grafting. It went into effect on July 1. New clinics must have a health department inspection before being registered. Surgeons must meet patients in person at least a day before their scheduled procedure, and can’t perform BBLs on more than one patient at a time. Physicians must also use ultrasound to guide their cannula when fat grafting, and they may not delegate fat extraction or grafting to other staff.

14 jan 2024

Influensers och Plastikkirurgi

https://www.svt.se/nyheter/inrikes/allt-fler-vill-se-ut-som-sina-retuscherade-selfies Plastikkirurgen: ”Influencers har en häpnadsväckande makt över unga” De är unga och påverkbara och jagar det perfekta utseendet som de sett på Instagram och Youtube. Upplevda skönhetsdefekter retuscheras i appar och selfien hamnar...

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Bottom falls out of buttock implant market

“Women increasingly want to look like they do triathlons and are super-fit.” Meanwhile, Dr. David L. Cangello, on the Upper East Side, is getting loads of requests for the “natural” look. “Patients are not...

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