Our standards are becoming stupidly high and we are becoming hyper-normalized to digital beauty

Censorship Could Save Instagram

Instagram means the images that are digitally altered — for whatever purpose — can be flagged as ”false information.” And there are no definitive guidelines either, so everything from memes and artistic images to potentially photoshopped images of beauty is fair game.

A recent social media report from Norwegian global influencer marketing platform inzpire.me found that almost half of the surveyed influencers thought their jobs had an impact on their mental health, while 32 percent reported it had a negative impact on their own body image.

”It affects me to see a perfectly edited photo of myself. It hurts how I see myself in the mirror. I can’t help but compare. And this is the case for everyone,” she explains. ”No longer using it over the past three years has completely transformed my expectations of my appearance. It is also important to note that there is definitely a repercussion when it comes to dating. Our standards are becoming stupidly high and we are becoming hyper-normalized to digital beauty, which makes it harder to appreciate potential partners as they are.

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5 feb 2020

Nya regler kan städa upp skönhetsbranschen

Luddiga regler ger oseriösa aktörer fritt spelrum inom skönhetsbranschen. Specialister inom plastikbranschen tar därför emot förslaget kring skärpta regler för skönhetsingrepp med öppna armar. – Vi är chockerade över att så många utan kompetens...

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Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024

These Will Be the Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024“Menopause makeovers” and all the lifts — face, breast, and neck — are set to dominate plastic surgery in 2024, as patients and doctors chase...

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All About Beauty aveny.se

All About Beauty Kliniken APS i Göteborg som verkar inom plastikkirurgi samlade bloggare och vänner runt en middag på Elite Plaza – en härlig kväll som gick i skönhetens tecken. De inbjudna fick lära...

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Dangerous Brazilian Butt Lifts Get a Makeover in Florida

https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/features/107972?mkt_tok=MTAxLUJTTy05OTMAAAGQj26aGDMFQoWc-OY4en0JFrzFcmNKhRtJ2w4IedcDBiWs_xVBY2eWr9qG1ZH0osQo9bWaJPl9Thum1-Vf2Z1NbEZk2prqtFDYSI_Km4TjzqY3 In a first for plastic surgery, Pazmiño said, the bill mandates certain precautions when performing gluteal fat grafting. It went into effect on July 1. New clinics must have a health department inspection...

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