Have you scheduled surgery? Then you’d better start training.

A preoperative program at the Indiana University Health Center “dramatically reduced” hospital-acquired infections in surgical patients, according to research published in the October Annals of Surgery. A similar program developed at the University of Michigan “decreased hospital duration of stay, lowered costs of care, and was well accepted by patients,” read a study appearing in the June 2017 issue of Surgery.


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28 Nov 2018

Average age of women going under the knife is just 39

A Harley Street cosmetic surgeon says that the average age of women going under the knife is just 39 – down from 42 three years ago. Läs hela artikeln https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/plastic-surgery-women-average-age-falls-39-female-patients-harley-street-surgeon-a7816366.html While liposuction, tummy tucks,...

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